Casa Pizza & Restaurant (Previously Lunetta Pizza & Restaurant)

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Casa Pizza & Restaurant (Previously Lunetta Pizza & Restaurant) Reviews on Grubhub


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Literally the best salad pizza Ive ever had! Been here years ago forgot the name was able to figure out this was the place and recently ordered! All their pizza is great they use quality ingredients and you can tell when you eat it! Highly recommend it! Very well priced also


Top Reviewer
I love the food! Ill certainly order more times and Ill recommend this restaurant to my friends. Food is delicious, price is fair and the restaurant almost never closes. Its a good deal!


1 review
Incredible food for when youre wasted at 3 am like I was. Pizza was excellent and the chicken fingers were on point. Loved their honey mustard.


2 reviews
The chicken and bacon pizza was so good! Definitely worth the price considering the amount of chicken put on the pizza.


Top Reviewer
As always, casa is a fallback favorite. You can always count on them for great pizza, especially cheese.

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Casa Pizza & Restaurant (Previously Lunetta Pizza & Restaurant) Reviews on Seamless


1 review
First time I order from here! Place is really solid! Buffalo Chicken slice at 11am was fresh and delicious. Grilled Chicken sandwich was better than most speciality sub shops...and Greek salad was a healthy portion for $8 bucks. Plus, My daughter loved her plain slice. All told, solid spot with quality food, fast service ... will order from here going forward! my new go to pizza spot.


2 reviews
The pizza here is really good. We ordered a gluten free, and they took all the proper precautions to make sure there wasn't any cross-contamination. They delivered (15 minutes early) with a plastic pizza cutter so you can be sure they didn't use one in the restaurant.

The dough is so soft, btw. Hard to come by with gluten free crust. Highly recommend this place.


Top Reviewer
Good food, very happy! penne a la vodka was on point, garlic bread with cheese was very good as well. Lightening fast delivery. They forgot an item on my order and sent it to me at lighting fast speed.


Top Reviewer
Casa Pizza has the only chicken, bacon, ranch slice in all of America that I will do anything for. I LOVE their garlic knots & nonna slices as well. Great service always!



Top Reviewer
Their crispy chicken hero has become my last minute late night meal. The delivery was earlier than expected, it was hot and delicious. So far theyve been consistent with the food delivery.

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